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In palm reading, the marriage lines are also known as the lines of union. Such the lines play a huge role in finding out what the type of relationship a person will have in his/her lifetime. Generally, the line is often situated between the base of the little finger and heart line. It can be viewed as the main line if running across from the top of our palm.

Today, there will be many people who tend to go about ignoring this as they feel as if it’s inaccurate. However, traditionally, it’s indeed useful for revealing whether the relationship is bound to leave a positive or negative impression on one’s life.

What To Expect From A Marriage Line’s Presence In Palm Reading?

Know age which we will marry!
The long union line will surely relate to our marriage while the shorter one indicates our affections. It’s easier for us to get an idea of what age we will get married. In other words, if it is located close to the heart, it can denote that we will marry very early. On the contrary, in case it’s situated in the center of the mount, we’re often said to engage in the marital life in our mid twenties. If our line is 3-quarters above the mount, it implies that our conjugal life will happen in our late twenties or mid thirties.

Grasp the Marriage line
The marriage line should be long and straight. In case of any breaks or markings, then it can be indicative of a drop in a relationship. For those whose lines have a fork, it denotes that their relationship shall end in a divorce. Each single break often shows the splitting relationship in a specific period of time. Are there breaks, overlapping each other? Then, it signifies that the couple had a split in the past, and they are bound to come back together again.

Does the marriage line show love at the first sight?

Hand Heart

Whenever there is a star marking on this union line, then it truly uncovers that there will be love at the first sight. An owner of the sign will end up falling in love with some special right after he spots her for the first time, and then be very attracted in any time.

Although several people have no marriage lines, it just indicates that they can get married lately or want to enjoy a single life. There’s no need to worry about this as palm lines can be changed in any specific time.

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Palm Reading Love Line And Life Line Wed, 10 Dec 2014 03:53:06 +0000 In particular, the 3 major lines in palm reading stand for mental energy (head line), physical energy (life line), and emotional energy (heart line), or mind, body, and soul, in simple terms. Of course, they’re found on every hand, even though the head line and heart line, sometimes, can be merged into just 1 line, known as the simian line.

Life Line

In fact, the main aim of this article is to provide us with some basic info about two of these lines (love and life line) without discovering too much in detail. Our own palm lines can be different from what’ll be mentioned here, yet most of the time, the explanations below will surely give us a good start in palmistry.

Keep in mind the following rules helpful in helping us to interpret hand lines:

  • Straight lines are more rigid, and seeking for order.
  • Curved lines are more flexible, and seeking for harmony.

The Life Line
The line often begins between the thumb and forefinger and then encircles the base of the thumb towards the wrist. Generally, it deals with the way we use our energy, and it’s most frequently short, diagonal, long or round.

If it is continuously round without any break, we may have a really harmonious physical life and are blissful of “going with the flow.” However, if it seems to be short, it does not mean that we’re going to die at a young age. Instead, it simply denotes that there shall be a moment in our whole life when we will use our body in a varied and less physical fashion than before, perhaps due to the cessation of an occupation (retirement), a change in activity (i.e. from active to sedentary), or something else which will modify the use of the body.

The Heart Line
Situated beneath the base of the fingers, the love line (also called the heart line) often displays feelings and emotions. A typical line might be long and curving down, long and curving upward, round and reaching between the middle and index finger.

The Heart Line

Basically, a long and continuous line, curving upward to reach the mount below the index finger, unfolds a strong ability to love and express emotion spontaneously. At this time, owner of the line has a sincere, open, and even emotionally sound temperament. However, in case it’s long, but goes down towards the thumb, love seems to be more rational, for instance, we can need reasons to love and expect a lot from our sweetheart.

If the heart line is round, and then reaches between the index and middle finger, we can be sentimental, and want to make sure that our decisions will not be ruled by our emotions.

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Palm Reading Online For Free Wed, 22 Oct 2014 04:03:25 +0000 Palm Reading

Palmistry or Chiromancy is the art of predicting our fortunes and grasping our personality from the lines and features on our palm. Of course, a detailed palm reading is able to help us get a better understanding of our inner characteristics and become better individuals. Get stuck in interpreting our palm lines? Don’t worry! Leave our awkwardness out by the wonderful assistance of free palm reading online now!

Online Palm Reading Chart Free Of Charge! Have We Ever Tried It?

It is often said that from the birth, our left hand does not change while our right one can change, according to our thought and accomplishments. There are a large number of the critical qualities of hands which will support our identity, such as hand shape, form of palms, shape of fingernails, travel line, head line, fate line, marriage line, Girdle of Venus, life line, heart line, well-being line, and fame. Furthermore, the position of those lines, coupled with the shape of hands, tends to show a great deal in terms of our individuality.

Online Palm Reading Chart Free Of Charge! Have We Ever Tried It

According to palm reading available on the Internet, the Life line stands for the energy and stage of our existence. Therefore, it will inform us of disease, death, and other vital functions which can affect our life cycle. Meanwhile, the Head line primarily presents our specific state of mind. It will imply mental strength as well as weakness with great respect to our talents.

How about the Heart line? At that time, the line indicates potential charm or passion among people. It also shows our warm and gentle nature. Don’t ignore the Fate line – the straight line at the palm’s center. The line will symbolize positive results or failure, materialistic matters, impact of others on us and our career prospects. Truly, it tends to be more visible in the conical hands of those who put their trust in fate.

Readily accessible online, palm readings also suggest the Health line and Travel line. Whilst the Health line denotes illness, the Travel discloses main journeys that will influence our life. Keep in mind that the Girdle of Venus is indeed associated with intelligence, sentiments, along with temperament.

In brief, palmistry is able to aid us in knowing more about our both positive and negative attributes. Recognizing more via what the palm lines reveal will additionally help us to analyze ourselves and others much better, with the support of free palmistry reports and readings!

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Free Online Tarot Card Reading Sat, 20 Sep 2014 04:03:06 +0000 The Tarot Card Is Known As The Most Powerful Tool

If you’re interested in the Tarot world, of course you know that the Tarot is a kind of fortune-telling form. And reading the Tarot cards might help you answer a specific query, or it might portray issues that will be going to occur. A Tarot deck (with 78 cards) is separated into 2 main groups as Major Arcana (22 cards) and Minor Arcana (56 cards).

In a reading, a Tarot reader often asks you a question in order to pick the cards for a specific spread. There are many kinds of Tarot spreads such as 1-card spread, 3-card spread, Celtic cross spread, and many others. After laying the cards, the reader will turn it up to explain the meaning. No matter what you trust or not, lots of people come to them for many different reasons.

What expect from free online love tarot card reading?
You’re married or still single? Regardless of your answer is, one certain thing is that you’re not restricted to great benefits when getting free online Tarot card predictions, particular about personal development and passion transformation. Through studying and uncovering your unconsciousness, the Tarot reader enables to disclose your inmost wishes and aspirations for love.

Take Advantage Of The Tarot Predictions

For instance, some want to find out a perfect soulmate; meanwhile, some love to preserve their current relationship. With significant and correct analysis, you are able to create necessary and durable changes in your love path. The best way is that you should take advantage of the Tarot predictions perfectly and intelligently in such a way that you can acquire the maximum benefits.

Will my partner cheat me? How about my current relationship? Will my marriage last for a long time as I expect? How to win her/his heart? These questions are distance complications that we might cope with in the future. Ordinarily, the romantic matters concerning about the past and the current time might be reexamined or dealt with thanks to the explanation of spiritual guides like the Spirit Guides, Angels, or Guardians.

Therefore, the Tarot card is known as the most powerful tool for coping with romance matters. Just select 1 or 2 cards, you are able to call the Divine for support. Trust in it or not? Actually, the True Love Tarot will show 2 cards which represent the combination of 2 souls. Through this spread, you could discover the probable outlook for the future and harmony between 2 individuals definitively and universally.

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Beginners Tutorial To Reading Tarot Cards Mon, 08 Sep 2014 06:36:28 +0000 Beginners Tutorial To Reading Tarot Cards

Tarot cards play an important role in the Psychic world, and nothing can take place of it. It’s considered as the most powerful method to ask for the spirit’s support. Therefore, the Tarot is widely used and highly valued by lots of Psychics.

If you’re interested in this realm, you’re in a lucky because the Tarot reading guide is available in both books and online websites. No matter what you’re a newcomer or experienced reader, it will be an ideal time to learn something basic about the Tarot cards.

Tarot card reading instructions for beginners
Don’t worry if you just learn how to read the Tarot at the moment because it is never late for studying any matter. The Rider-Waite Tarot card deck is the most appropriate one for those who begin to learn reading the Tarot firstly. This deck includes 78 cards with powerful images and information. Keep in mind that there is 2 important parts in the Tarot as Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Please take a keen notice of details so that you enable to make a clear distinction the meaning in each card.

Bear in mind that the incorrect explanation of each card’s meaning will bring the wrong guidance. So, choose a good guidebook and absorb the interpretations before starting reading. You should know that you are not able to master the Tarot card reading in some days or a few months. All that you need to do is to keep practicing it some years. Relying on that, you can know them thoroughly.

Beginners Tutorial To Reading Tarot Cards

In addition, you should understand that the card meanings are conditional on the Tarot card spreads. Normally, a Tarot reader will apply a certain Tarot spread in dealing with some simple queries. For instance, the reader uses the 3-card Tarot spread to determine the triad of world, including Past – Present – Future, Body – Mind – Spirit, etc. Or to complex issue, he will utilize the Celtic cross spread with 10 cards. So, the more time you get in touch with the Tarot deck, the more your spiritual ability will enhance. Keep in mind that setting up the relationship to the spiritual world is pretty important in reading the Tarot.

In sum up, it’s quite enough for you to enter the Tarot world right away. Remember to take a deep breath or meditate before reading or facing any card. Learning the Tarot will help you exploit your hidden strength of analyzing and interpretation. More important, you enable to observe particular areas in your life with ease.

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Love Tarot Card Reading Online For Free Thu, 17 Jul 2014 03:46:33 +0000 Online Love Tarot Card Reading For Free

Tarot Card Reading is often portrayed as the most ancient way of divination widely used by many different so-called Fortune Tellers and Psychics. A deck of Tarot Card consists of 78 cards, and it is divided into 2 groups including the 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards.

In general, the Major Arcana, also known as the Trump cards, often describes a picture that symbolizes the major events in our daily life and experiences what we have gone through. Our story about the journey in life, for instance, can begin at the Fool card (means integrity and youthfulness), and then go through several important events as well as reach the completion of the World card.

In contrast, the Minor Arcana is depicted as foreseeing about everyone, circumstances and emotions which we have experienced in the life. Of course, this group tends to be nearly similar to the classical deck of the playing cards. It is comprised of four suits, and each suit will be relevant to each element such as Pentacles (Earth), Cups (Water), Swords (Air), and Wands (Fires).

On a regular basis, each card will represent a spiritual energy; thus, their meanings are relating to positions of the card spreads. The practitioner is required to spend much time in mastering the Tarot cards’ meanings in all of the layouts.

What Can We Gain From Free Online Love Tarot Card Reading?

Love Tarot Card

Like other magical Psychic readings (crystal ball, astrology, runes, etc.), the Tarot Card sessions is always considered as one of the most powerful tool for everyone to gain fresh insights into their situations. Regardless of its benefits and drawbacks, Tarot Card Reading is able to provide us with the necessary hints as well as supportive guidance to solve our matters of hearts. The Tarot session doesn’t necessarily help us to solve all of our tough intricacies or guide us what to do, but it may offer the general picture about unforeseen effects, ups and downs in our life.

Hence, a number of paranormal sites provide their services of Free Love Tarot Card Reading. Yes, it is totally convenient for those who wish to save time on practicing cards for their love lives. Whenever accessing any site offering Tarot Card for Love, we will feel free to choose any card randomly. Afterwards, we will get a brief description from our chosen card. The result may assist us in understanding something related to what we are looking for such as our mate, love matters, or healthy relationship.

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Tarot Card Reading Instructions Wed, 25 Jun 2014 04:53:56 +0000 Tarot Card Reading Instructions

Some are afraid of the Tarot pieces and consider them as the devil’s tools. In fact, the cards embrace no sign of badness or negativity. It is the readers’ virtue that determines the value of Tarot. Hence, if you come in quest of Tarot Card Reading Guide, rest assured that you pursue the interest with the unsealed mind and large heart!

Understand the Magic of Tarot Card Definitions

The concept of Tarot and its reading inspire lots of interest from the first glance at the single card. Whether you notice it from TV, photograph, or real piece, the Tarot card meanings are only be mastered by the frequent practice and intense study.

The weight of symbolism urges you to learn and remember the cards in years. Of course, the period of practice can’t be done in days or weeks. You have to spend months to distinguish the cards’ meanings and symbolism.

Along with that, the cards’ arrangements or Tarot card Spreads help the Tarot readers to formulate the correct answers to the seekers’ queries. In the certain layout, the Tarot interpretations are thoughtfully produced after considering the cards’ attached meanings and their relationship with one another.

Understand The Magic Of Tarot Card Definitions

In most cases, Celtic cross is generally regarded as the most common Spread that the Forecasters use to unveil the dimensional secrets. When the 10 cards are taken into account in both vertical and horizontal sides, the Card Readers have to pay much focus on their positions so that the deepest discernment will come to light. From past to present, the Three Card Spread Tarot Card Reading Instructions tap to the trinity of the universe such as Body – Mind – Spirit, Situation – Action – Outcome, etc.

The whole set of 78 Tarot pieces add much fun and pleasure to you rooms. As long as you agree to listen to the cards’ interpretations and carry out the credible advice, it is probable to say YES to life fulfillment. After the cards are set due to their Spread, it is the seeker that selects the cards from the deck.

The Tarot readers only take responsibility for interpreting the meanings in detail. Of course, the level of detail depends on the kind of your readings. The FREE session only calls for the surfaced information whereas the charged meeting reveals things thoroughly.

Bearing in mind that Tarot cards are symbolic and need to be treated with the solid respect! No matter which card you have selected (the Death or the Lovers), read them honestly!

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is there a COMPLETELY free psychic site? Mon, 23 Jun 2014 15:54:13 +0000 is there a COMPLETELY free psychic site?
i only want to ask one question. one teeny question. but dont want to even give a credit card or call..or if you are a psychic that could try. please and thank you.

Suggestion by Fractured

Nothing is completely free. They will leave the door slightly open for you and then slam it shut behind you. Be careful what you wish for.

Suggestion by SaggiMC
Free dream interpretations

Free tarot readings..

Free astrology lessons

Suggestion by Libralicious
Free Scam artists? No such thing… They need to make some kinda money off of you other wise.. they wouldn’t scam artists now would they? Besides maybe robbing your brain of reality check.

No really.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Does anyone know of any free psychics that do email readings?
The reason I’m asking (besides the obvious) is because I’ve been going through the worst three years of my life, I feel like I’m missing something important that I should know about. There are a lot of questions that have yet to be answered and I’m feeling like a zombie in my own life. Even if they’ll only be able to answer a couple questions, I ‘d like to know. I feel terrible for being unable to pay for a reading, but I just never seem to have the finances.

And please, if you don’t believe in this stuff, don’t spam. I didn’t ask for your personal beliefs.

Suggestion by Fireball
no but do not waste your money on fakes….ONLY GOD KNOWS OUR FUTURES..consider repenting

Suggestion by goodanddead
Jesus is your answer.
You don’t need a psychic to tell you that.

Suggestion by Jozef
email me psychic’s shouldn’t charge anyway if they were real ones. i can help

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Are there any completely free psychic readings on-line?

Suggestion by Phyllis Newman
None that I know of.

Suggestion by Capricorn
yeah, google psychic network. they give free readings.

Suggestion by Psychic.dougddog
go to bri’s psychic chat line at make sure the b is capital or you wont get there

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

When you come to, you will see “Completely Free Psychic Readings”

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FREE psychic reading? Fri, 20 Jun 2014 13:04:24 +0000 FREE psychic reading?
Are there any websites that offer free psychic reading, where not only the first 3/5 are free, where I have to enter my credit card, etc to get a reading? I don’t have a credit card nor do I wish to own one. Are there any websites where someone will actually make a prediction for you, answer your question, absolutely free?

Please help me!

Suggestion by Anthea
I can try, I see you around a lot of flowers. I see a golden dress or golden top you may own. I see a lot of plants around you and perhaps you live in a large house in the countryside. I see you are at peace. I am getting the name Stephanie and the last name McGill. I am sensing the ocean is calming to you. I see five children around you. I am getting the name Jack. I am getting you have a dog called Misty. I really feel you have a connection to children perhaps you work with them or around them. I am also sensing you love the outdoors camping the wilderness. You are possibly a vegetarian or vegan yet you love vampires. I am getting the street name Gillis Avenue. Or Parker St. I am also sensing you will change jobs get a new career soon perhaps in forestry or national parks. I am getting the name Gabriel and feel he has a connection. I am also sensing your mother had dark hair and alluring eyes. Your father may have worked in the military. In the next five years you will move house, reinvent yourself and change direction. You may marry if you are not already married and possibly have a baby boy and your angels love the name Alexander or Alastair. In the past you have travelled possibly overseas but sensed you are most at home around loved ones yet you love your own space. You are not an avid reader but love to read to learn. A message from your angels is to take care on your travels and to watch people who may try and take advantage of your kindness. You may be fascinated by or work in drug research or around drugs. You have an ambition to travel and learn and you are still moderately young and have time. Again take care on the roads, especially when you are driving be 100 % alert and if you are not don’t drive. The name Maria comes through to me.

Suggestion by Bob
You are at liberty to do anything you wish. The law governing the charlatans permits and condones them to (usually) make money from feeble-minded and vulnerable people. Conatct themif you want but please, just to state the obvious. . . .

ANYONE claiming to be psychic is in one, or both, of only two states.



Look at the drivel some clown has already left for you.

Why on earth would you want to hear some stranger’s “opimions” about something of which they know nothing?

What do you think? Answer below!

Free psychic reading?
does anyone know of anyone or any site that will give a true 100% free with NO pay at anytime psychic reading?

Suggestion by DiamondZ
I know a site where they will give you a true 100% reading but you have to pay though it’s not alot!

If you interested let me know.

Suggestion by James Lee
Yes, you can have free psychic reading reading by phone up to 5 minutes, but totally free by email.

Suggestion by EMIL
Yes you can learn free psychic reading,The psychic readings are free online to help you learn to use your own psychic powers. Remember all psychics start somewhere, it’s just a matter of training and developing your individual talents. We all posses a certain degree of psychic power within us, it just takes practice to perfect these powers. With each of the following readings concentrate deeply and let your higher spirit control the outcome.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Would anybody like a free psychic reading?
Hey Everybody,
Ok, so ive just recently begun to read bones and stones. I do it by throwing them on the ground and interpreting how they land. I guess this would be called sortiledge but im not sure. Since ive just begun using this method, im not really sure how accurate I am and I would appreciate feeback. So if anybody has any questions out there-they can be questions about love, work, relationships, that type of thing. But please no questions about health. Again im not sure how accurate I am so please dont take what I say to be 100% accurate haha.


Suggestion by Angle S
could you tell me something about work?

Suggestion by Ty K
here’s a good question for testing since I’ve already got my answer
Will I be a male in my next life?

Suggestion by Glow wings
Absolutely-Not! I can see enough on my own! I don’t need to have a psychic reading to tell me this world is going south !

What do you think? Answer below!

Free Psychic Reading: – Get your Real 100% Free Psychic Reading from Trained & Remarkably Accurate Psychics Online Now…

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Palm reading? Tue, 17 Jun 2014 10:13:32 +0000 Palm reading?
Everytime I go somewhere, at least one person is saying “oh come on, let me read your palm. it will be fun.” but everytime someone reads my palm (on many occasions, with different people reading my palm everytime), they all say that I don’t have much success in my life and that I’ll die young. I’m quite worried now because I have never been really healthy since I was a child, and I’m going to pursue a career that has a lower success rate compared to other jobs (but still something i love doing). How reliable is a palm reading? If done by a person who actually knows what they’re talking about, is it possible that one can actually know about the future of one’s life by just reading their palms? Please give me an honest answer.
FYI- i did not pay anyone to read my palms. i would never waste my money like that. people that I know who can read palms offered to read them for me for fun, but everyone said the same thing about my short lifeline and short success line.

Suggestion by Aithne – Baby #2 01-12-09
The way I’ve always seen it, and this is in reference to any sort of divination like palmistry or tarot cards, is that future omens are warnings of what could be depending on choices I make between here and that stop in the road.

Suggestion by -hearmusiclivelife*
LMAO. Don’t believe that bullshit.
Lol. Wow, if you do, you’re quite gullible, and wasting your money.

Suggestion by just wondering
palm reading, psychics, all that stuff is real. Some people are just phonies out for an extra buck and some are real. I wouldn’t mess with that stuff though. Besides, so someone can see your future, can they grant you extra life? Can they do anything to fix what they see is wrong or bad? No they just merely see it, like a train about to hit you but they can’t pull you off the tracks. God is a jealous God, he wants you to seek him for things, not psychics, palm readers or wuigi boards, sorry I know I misspelled that, hahaha. Anyway, but God DOES have the power to change and fix things. So why go to a lesser power when the ultimate power is always at your service and you don’t have to pay any money for it, it’s free. And you don’t want to pick up any naster spirits that decide to attach themselves to you because you were messing with things you weren’t supposed to mess with. Haunted houses and possession, yuck yuck yuck, save yourself from that mess. Just stay away, pray about your health and career, God can take care of all that for you and sooooo much more. This whole universe, spirits and all are under his command and nothing is impossible for Him.

Add your own answer in the comments!

palm reading

Please tell me how can we read palms and faces. PLEASE!!!!!!!?

Suggestion by darrenbafc
ask a gypsie (only joking)
ill find out then let you know

Suggestion by Sabyasachi
It is a scienece which comres through some studies and more practice. You have to keep it learning for a long period of time.

Suggestion by gepw1000
The library is your best source for books on these topics.

What do you think? Answer below!

palm reading
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